Swerving riders on Academy rides

What’s with people constantly swerving left and right during academy rides (may happen on others but these are the only group rides I’ve done.)? I’m all for getting steering to the point where it’s actually fun / useful but having people constantly going all over the road really breaks immersion in the game.

I would assume that is what you see when your device can’t render the amount of riders fast enough.

What system are you using?

Thanks for replying. 4th gen ipad air / Stages SB20. I don’t think it’s a resource issue though. It’s riders generally at the front of the pack literally just swerving left and right and sometimes turning so far that they loop out of the pack and back in. It looks human controlled, like people just messing around with steering or showing off that they have a steering setup that is able to do this.

People doing a loop is normally due to comms issues with Zwift’s servers, either for that rider or for you. It’s your Zwift client being confused as to where they really are on the road.

It’s either your device struggling with the load, as Gerrie said, or an issue with your comms to Zwift (e.g. your wifi/broadband or something upstream).

It’s not the riders using steering.

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People with steering will have a little steering Icon next to their name in the riders list.


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Thanks for confirming guys. Will take a look at what could be causing the connectivity / load issues.

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This is most likely the issues with group workouts that started well over a year ago and have never been fixed.


Reading a few other threads and this seems to be an issue with the implementation of keep together in group rides. Riders that would have gone off the front are rubber banded by having them swerve around. Seems like a very odd choice.

I don’t agree with this as a generalised statement. Putting aside group workouts, Keep Together has its problems but on regular rides I’ve never seen it to cause swerving, only speed disparities.

I agree with @Steve_Hammatt

I have been watching my wife ride on her low spec pc and the group rides workouts seem fine. There was on or times that I saw a rider swerve but that is understandable since he pc is a potato…lol

(Upgrade GPU is on my desk :slight_smile:

EDIT: meant to say group workouts.

Yeah, I think this is related to group workouts primarily. This behavior is not present on group rides. I believe the OP is referring to workouts too, but calling them group rides.

Good catch mike, I meant to say Group workouts.

I have seen this in several group rides. Most recently, Monday evening (U.S.) on the Cryo-gen recovery ride.
What I witness is related to the affected rider’s service or connection or equipment. All other riders will maintain consistent position and pacing. When a rider (and it is the same rider) begins swerving from side to side they lose speed very rapidly. I have seen riders riding at 3.4 W/Kg go past a 1.5 W/kg rider, begin swerving and their output still reads >3.0 but they lose speed and go backwards in a hurry. I have never witnessed it on a group workout but several times in the past few weeks on group rides.