Avatar dodging other riders is making me sick

Hi, I wonder if there has been a change to the software meaning that avatars are dodging more of the other zwifters?!
Today during a workout there just happened to be a ton of other groups of riders. My avatar was constantly veering hard right, left, right, left and only rarely cutting through packs. Eventually it made me feel so sick I had to stop looking at the screen and then lost concentration and failed the workout.
I’ve been using Zwift for two years now and never had this before. Has the AI changed recently?

I was also going to report this. My Avatar sometimes just seems drunk, and zigzags across the road all the time. Often almost lateral to the direction of travel. At the beginning of group rides it’s ridiculous, and I agree it sometimes makes me nauseous. I also note that my avatar seems afflicted in a way others are not, my zigzagging appears more extreme than other riders.

Same experience here during a group ride yesterday. I was swerving all over the place and was getting motion sickness! Would be good to have the option to turn this feature off

I think this is genuinely a bug rather than a ‘feature’. I’ve done multiple group rides, races and workouts since I first had this issue and I’m pleased to say it hasn’t recurred so hopefully if it was a one-off for me it will be also for the rest of you. Damned annoying when it happens though…

I get this pretty consistently at the start of larger group rides/races, not so much otherwise but that is probably just due to my wheelsucking prowess (nobody to dodge at the back of the wide part of the blob).