Anyone else get "motion sickness" whilst zwifting

I have had to stop Zwifting on my bike a few times because I’m getting motion sickness. Anyone else get this?
Any ideas about how to stop it?

I’ve never had a problem, but I don’t get motion sick anyway. I can read a book on a train no problem etc.

Perhaps you could try the first person view? I think the landscape doesn’t move around as much in that view. If not that one, just try experimenting with some of the others.

Perhaps a smaller screen would help. Can you play video games normally? e.g. driving ones?

I always use first-person view. The landscape moves around plenty, lol. There are some situations in Zwift where it’s positively disorienting (e.g. fast downhill with sharp corners ugh, since it feels like I should be leaning into the turn, but of course you don’t lean on the bike + trainer).

@sue The more you get to know the Zwift worlds, the more you will be aware in advance of places on course where you become motion sick. Maybe you can keep pedaling, but close your eyes / look away during those times when your avatar and the landscape are really moving around? Or is it all the time?

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Definitely change the camera view. I can’t use the First Person Shooter camera for more than a few seconds - despite playing lots of FPSs!
Also, I have to change to spectator view or just close my eyes coming down off the AdZ or I get horribly queasy, in all camera modes…

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I get Vertigo on some routes (from old jumping accident) and get a sense of motion sickness on say AdZ decent since upgrading to 4k. Didnt get this when I was running HD (which on a big 4k screen and low FPS doesnt look flash closeup anyway).

So my “try this” suggestion is run lower resolution and see if that helps :thinking:

Maybe borrow a system which can produce a high framerate, like a gaming laptop. Though if you’re sensitive that might not be sufficient. Consider a larger screen placed further away.

It would be good if there was a vocal you could turn on that told you the gradients… Then closing your eyes or looking away works.
I love outdoor cycling… Very very hilly here… But indoor training isn’t my thing… But racing against people had an appeal. I might just have to ride on my own do I don’t concentrate on the screen as much

It’s good to know it’s not just in my mind… I’ll have a play around!

Yes… Its the combination of screen movement and body movement … The brain is incredibly complex

Yes I have a ABI… Which really affected my balance… It’s better now but I’ve never been as confident in my balance since

Larger and further away had been a thought… Thanks

I don’t do video games! I’m way too old for that!!! But I’ll try experimenting with views

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Yeah, I realise this because we’re moving through the world. What I was thinking of is the slewing and weaving around that the chase cam does when you’re in third person view. I don’t like it, particularly the large swings when descending AdZ.

I’ve complained about that before. =)

I expect the helicopter view as least movement as its furthest away, but it doesn’t do much for the sense of being there.

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Hi Sue,
whatever you do give France a miss. On the RGV route, the Douce France route and a couple of others there is a section that made me look away. It must switched left and right about 20 times in quick succession.
I think the only safe routes in France may be “Roule my Poule” and the “Casse-Pattes” route.

Thanks it just makes me glad that I’m not making it up! It’s sad that the weather is not great here… I’ve got such lovely countryside to cycle in: (

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Just finished a ride in London, and I was reminded that I get a very strange sensation when first hitting the steep downhill plywood-over-stairs in the subway :grimacing:

I had that same thought about Douce France/RGV. That very twisty section by the river was fun for me, just, but it did make me feel sorry for anyone susceptible to motion sickness who ended up trying it.

I had to get off yesterday…I was doing really well in a race… So it wasn’t a fitness thing!

Almost every TV aside from OLED uses PWM. Low frequency pulsed lighting causes motion sickness, nausea and headaches in everyone to some degree, although it only has severe effects on a minority. Throw in exercise and you’re asking for trouble.

I have issues with red end of the spectrum… So today I wore my green sunglasses… Used the handle bar view…so I couldn’t see my avatar…I didn’t race so that removed alot of the jiggling about… I moved the screen further away and watched it less.
I managed quite an intense hour without feeling sick… Not sure id like to do more than an hour at a time.
But I didn’t feel sick after 20 minutes