Avatar not moving( all device connected, i havent used a single km of my trial, pls help)

All the device are connected, i still have 25kms trial, what am i missing to do? Please help. TYIA

Can you post a screenshot of your Pairing screen while you are pedaling.

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Here it is, stucked. Thank you for looking in.

Paul was looking for a shot of the pairing screen, not the riding screen. He wants to see which devices are connected to Zwift for your power/speed and controllable. The pairing screen would be the first screen you come to after launching Zwift.

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Hi Gideon,
You can find the pairing screen also once you’ve started a ride by clicking the Menu button in the lower left of the ride screen. Once you click that, you’ll see the pairing button on the right hand side (first screen shot)… clicking that will show you everything that is currently paired with Zwift. I suspect there is nothing showing in this screen (like the 2nd screen shot… I currently have nothing paired)