Allow us to keep moving on the pairing screen

I had an issue with my Play controllers today and needed to re-pair them. In the past, I’ve had to re-pair my HRM.

Unfortunately, pairing any device means bringing up the pairing screen, and that causes the avatar to stop moving, so I lost the group I was riding with.

I would prefer to be able to continue pedalling and moving while trying to re-pair or search for new devices.

Of course, if I unpair my trainer then that should stop me moving.

100% vote for this it’s so annoying that pairing stops you from moving. Ideally the only thing that should stop you is s you say unpairing the power meter.


Couldn’t you have taken a coffee break

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and entering the bike frame or wheel garage should put on the brakes too


Maybe, but what if you don’t have one available at the time that your device pairing fails? We shouldn’t have to save a coffee break for a “what if” situation with paired peripherals.

No, that doesn’t work.

Maybe in a race. At any other time, it shouldn’t. There’s no advantage to continuing to move while changing bike in a free or group ride.

(I know some people treat “group rides” as races, but that’s on them as far as I’m concerned.)


Sometimes “races” are only able to be organized as group rides due to limitations with Zwift creating events. Easy compromise until (if/when) organizers can create races on their own is to allow bike/wheel swaps while moving outside of events and only lock it to non-moving in events. Or just not worry about it and allow bike swaps. Or allow event organizers to lock bike selections.

The pairing screen brake was implemented as a way to deal with a bug where people would enter the pairing screen and maintain their speed, so people could rocket up the alpe at 50kph for zero watts. Should be properly fixed and allow people to deal with pairing issues while rolling/pedaling. For example, disconnecting steering when it starts going haywire in a race.

Yeah, it should just continue to read power in the background. After all, unless you actually unpair the trainer, the power data is still there. I don’t see why it would need to continue out at the last received data point (well, apart from it being badly coded in that respect, but that should be fixable).

I actually like the option to stop in the pairing screen, since there is currently no other option for those of us without Play to brake, and when we sprint on a slower-paced group ride (fairly common on Herd rides, for example), there are certain routes where you can easily find yourself coasting beyond the fence for 60 seconds and poof, out of the ride.

If (when?) we have a way to brake, it’d be interesting to see what would happen if they experimented with taking the brakes off while in the pairing screen. I’m assuming that if it were easy to fix the issue from the old days, they would have done that rather than just braking everyone on that screen.

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It seems like it would be better to make going into the garage stop the rider, since you have to be stopped to do bike/wheel changes, or have a discrete function (and keyboard shortcut “S”) to stop the rider.


But it’s not an option, it’s forced. If it was optional, e.g. a preference setting or config flag we could edit in a file, then I could just set it the way I want.

Same thing happened to me - lost my HRM during an event, went to repair it, my avatar stopped and I lost the group, never to regain it. Totally lame. Zwift, please fix this, there’s no reason to require the avatar to stop while re-pairing things!