No brakes on pairing screen

Presently the pairing screen causes a rider to slam on the brakes. Ironically this is the only way to brake on Zwift without the new, experimental controller.

The following changes should be made, which are similar to how things worked on RGT:

  1. when pairing power, for example to switch between power sources, maybe between bluetooth and ANT+, zero power should be assumed by the game, and the rider should coast but not immediately stop.
  2. when pairing a HRM, the power should continue to be read uninterrupted.

This is really important for when you begin a race and forget to pair your HRM, so face the choice between slamming on the brakes (race over) or get a HRM DQ on ZwiftPower.

reference from the Feedback forum: Pairing sensors (example heart rate) / avatar stops = why?