Avatar moving to the left side at the start of multiple races causing loss of position

I’ve been experienced an issue since the most recent update. Although I’m producing as many w/kg as other riders during the start of the race my rider veers to the left instead of drafting. This has happened over the last three events. My rider will eventually veer back to the right and be able to draft off the rest of the riders but I’m unable to take advantage of the draft and advance during the fast starts, resulting in multiple positions lost. I’ve attached a screenshot showing the issue. I’m running Zwift on Windows 10 with native bluetooth. There are no connectivity issues with my HR monitor, power meter, or cadence. I do not have any device for steering. Thanks for the help.

Seem like a side effect of the new stearing “feature”. The avatar semi-randomly swerves.

Shouldn’t be long for Zwift to fix…