Avatar moving to the left side at the start of multiple races causing loss of position

I’ve been experienced an issue since the most recent update. Although I’m producing as many w/kg as other riders during the start of the race my rider veers to the left instead of drafting. This has happened over the last three events. My rider will eventually veer back to the right and be able to draft off the rest of the riders but I’m unable to take advantage of the draft and advance during the fast starts, resulting in multiple positions lost. I’ve attached a screenshot showing the issue. I’m running Zwift on Windows 10 with native bluetooth. There are no connectivity issues with my HR monitor, power meter, or cadence. I do not have any device for steering. Thanks for the help.

Seem like a side effect of the new stearing “feature”. The avatar semi-randomly swerves.

Shouldn’t be long for Zwift to fix…

Did this resolve for you? Experiencing the same thing now.

I’m still having the same issue and see a few others on my screen also veering to the left at the start of races/rides.

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The same thing is currently happening to me. I am trying to contact Zwift and put in a ticket. It wouldn’t be so bad, but by the time the avatar rejoins the group, you are nearly in last place and have to fight like ■■■■ to regain position.

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What device are you using to ride on Zwift.

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I have the same issue. Never happened in all the years until recently. It takes at least 300 meters before I can draft. I just veer far, far left and ride by myself for 30 seconds or so.

I am currently working on a Mac Book Air.

More posts on the same issue: Having no draft in the lead-in of a race and Rider in race stays left out of the draft for too long

I have been getting this on a regular basis since the Sterzo support was released every couple of weeks (I think most recently in a TTT so fortunately it didn’t do too much damage that time), W10.

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I’ve been experiencing this for a month. Incredibly annoying to get to the start pens early for a good position, hit the powa hard 10 seconds before the flag and my stupid avatar decides to ride on the wrong side of the road, out of the draft, for the first 500 meters, putting me about 50 places back from where I should be. This also manifests itself during events with the dumbsh*t avatar getting squirrelly in the pack and going in and out of the draft. During doubledraft events this is really annoying. :unamused:

It’s bad enough that he can’t seem to ride the correct line through corners… :crazy_face:


Same problem here. Since roughly a month now. Very annoying.

Same here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Me too, but not always. No changes in hardware or updates.

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I have done 6 weeks of training rides and come back to try a race a couple of days ago…Still a problem…I ended up 200th out of 216 after the first few hundred metres when I finally merged…I was never going to stand a chance of winning but would be nice if I wasn’t handicapped from the start.
I’m going to uninstall/reinstall to see if it is local or server side.

Same issue for me - drives me crazy. The start of Zwift races is hard enough without dangling in the breeze for 30 seconds. I have actually lost contact at this point in races with smaller groups and never made it back - very annoying.

It hasn’t been happening to me lately, maybe join the event earlier. I’ve heard that doing so improves your starting position in the gates so you have an advantage doing this in the beginning of the race. Maybe it’ll fix the problem as well. For those that still have the problem do you recall joining the event in the last minute or two?

For “Serious” events, I almost always log on 30 minutes prior to the gun so I’m in the first row or so. That said, when this was a real problem, it didn’t matter as my avatar would ride on the wrong side of the road outside the field’s draft. I actually got dropped from the lead group several times because of it. Hasn’t manifested itself recently so maybe they fixed it. You can be sure I’ll be bitching about it if it comes back.

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It happens unless i soft pedal. When I start hard, I immediately jump to the extreme left for about 15 seconds. I lose ground that is hard to make up. i had to sprint to catch the leaders the other day on a London start.

Soft pedal? What is this “soft pedal” of which you speak? I know not…

I just updated yesterday, so I started a new race…the bug is still there.