Zwift play drafting

Does lining up directly behind a rider or moving to one side of trailing riders affect the draft the same way as irl?

Yes. Read this from Zwiftinsider

very helpful, thx, is the sauce overlay available for Apple TV?

It runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux

Anyone understand the rider logic when using ZPlay?
Even if I’m just riding with 1 person, following his/her wheel it is constantly like this

  1. I line up perfectly behind the rider
  2. After a few seconds my avatar drifts more and more left (or right)
  3. I re-align behind the wheel
  4. back to 2 in a constant loop and this is the result, having to constantly reposition myself to not get out of draftcone

Why is this? In a pack where everyone with and without steering fight for position I can understand this behaviour but when I’m just riding with 1 other person and no other riders are close, why does this happen? I would assume that once positioning perfect behind a rider, the AI would keep me in that position. or how does my Avatar think/behave?


With zwift, you have decouple from your understanding of RL. Its zwifting, not cycling

The Zwift developer that codes the draft code is dating the tester who used to date the steering dev.

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I have reported this a long time ago.

@shooj or @DavidP can someone look into this it’s really annoying to the point i don’t want to use Zwift Play anymore cause it’s to distracting during a race to follow a rider.

At the moment my suggestion would be that if a rider has 0% Draft steering should be turned OFF…cause it’s really hard to follow the wheel if this problem isn’t fixed.

Video of the problem pushed out of Draft every 3s when behind a rider. If a rider has no steering the problem is similar as we are pushed left or right again in less draft.


Was on a race last night and my avatar kept bolting to the right or left, switched off the pads and it stopped. Getting to the point they are causing more pain than they are worth at times!


Yes we are aware of the problem, someone is already looking into this for some time, but probably got side tracked for other urgencies… This doesn’t happen only when the rider in front is not drafting.

it’s a nightmare between steering and non steering riders. TTT now i get people turn steering off.

The same happens the opposite way with a non-steering rider unable to follow a steering rider.


Same for me. Zwift play is unusable as it is.

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One question I do have is regarding time trials. Does Zwift measure the distance a rider covers or the distance marked for the course? The reason I ask is, that I was side by side with a rider in the WTRL duathlon TT yesterday, and with steering, I had covered 10.6km, and the rider next to me (exactly side by side and they had no steering) had covered 10.7. This only happened a little way into the TT ie id been able to cut quite a few corners by then

I thought they had turned off steering in iTT events?

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Well it was WTRL duathlon bike part, so maybe that is not counted as a TT, but there drafting was off

From what I saw internally this problem should be fixed in version 1.50 along with the random steering pushes in London and Makuri.


Can’t wait for this Fix…today a Rider asked me to stop steering when i wasn’t doing anything but wanted to give them more draft. When i draft it’s so annoying cause it moves you out of draft all the time.
Note: The real problem is in small groups or when trying to have a paceline.

Just had the latest update and it is dire. 11 disconnections, unusable steering, all within half an hours race. Whoever tested this update before release needs t go back to the drawing board

I updated few days ago and have had no issues wrt disconnects.
In a larger pack, it’s fairly OK.
In smaller groups of <10 riders, when trying to follow a wheel, it still acts like two North poles repelling each other.

Next update should fix this…let’s hope so.

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