Did "Draft Locking" get changed?

Within the last few days, I’ve noticed a much stronger “draft locking” effect. There seems to be 2 edges - A edge that helps you avoid advancing past the rider in front of you, and an edge that helps you from falling out of the draft zone.

My issue is this, the edge that prevents you from advancing past the rider in front of you is too strong. When passing another rider, you get sucked into the draft lock and it feels like you bump into the back of them. You then edge past them and go on your merry way, but the net effect feels like a stutter in your effort.

Anyone else feeling this?

I’ve noticed the drafting has become much better in the last few days, although I thought I was just getting good at it.

I think I see what you mean about having to break through the edge to get ahead but I don’t have a problem with it.

To approximate reality it should feel like you’re taking on extra effort and if the barrier is to light then you just keep half-wheeling when you are trying to draft.