Draft assist

(Francois Poirier) #1

On my ride today I noticed I would often end up “bumping” other riders when attempting to draft them. It feels like the draft window is too small; I either go too fast or too slow and can’t land on “just right”. Maybe it’s an issue best solved with UI (think “balance” slider in skateboarding games), but maybe it’s possible to improve without UI (I believe in keeping UI to a minimum).

I don’t know how drafting is currently implemented, but I think it would improve the feel if your rider remained in a drafting position until his speed out of the draft became greater than the speed of the person you’re drafting. Then he could move over, accelerate, and overtake the rider. Also, since it is difficult to judge distance in third person, it would be helpful if the drafting UI appeared as soon as you started to lose ground on the rider you’re drafting. (Drafting assist could also allow you to remain in the draft when going slightly too slow if the drafting zone is still too difficult to hold with this suggestion, or if that’s already how it’s done)

As an aside, I ride on a constant resistance trainer (as Zwift can’t control Tacx trainers), so I can’t try to hold a constant speed with my resistance being adjusted for me.

(Tim Clark) #2

There is a sort of UI that appears, telling you to close the gap. (on the Mac version at least)

I also struggle with this and find it maddening that sometimes the other riders jump about around you.