"drafting help" slider

Rather than having the same level of stickiness for all riders, would it be possible to have it configurable on a per-user basis? I would like a “drafting help” slider in the settings screen that lets me turn down (or off) the stickiness.

I believe that drafting in Zwift can be learned and that the same level of help is not appropriate for both beginners and experienced riders.

That is an EXCELLENT idea!

By the way, the draft stickiness is not as bad as I feared. It seems clear that if you approach a rider from behind that as long as you are going an appreciably higher speed, then your avatar will swerve around that rider completely. That is good. I feared the Death Star like draft tractor beam sucked you onto all wheels. KC

It seems to be worse when you’re drafting somebody else when you pass. I don’t know if there’s some kind of pack drafting logic at work that switches your drafting target from one rider to another when you pass, or maybe it’s because the power differential between you and the rider you’re passing is lower.