2nd Ride Feedback Computrainer drafting

(L Read) #1

Graphics are excellent with minimal choppiness even on the fast downhill. Gradient changes feel pretty realistic and not choppy (like on Tacx software). I think drafting could be a little improved. When I am drafting a live rider, it feels like the draft is actually pulling me past the rider in front of me. Then once I pass the rider, he gets the same “magnetic” effect to pass me. This makes it difficult to stay in the draft without a great deal of constant adjustment of your effort. A graphical representation of being in the draft would also be nice. Other rider’s speed displayed over them would also be good.

(William Gillanders) #2

I agree - I am also on a computrainer and the drafting did not seem realistic to me at all. Also - when I accelerated on the computrainer I did not seem to accelerate on Zwift island so there was a disconnect there.

(Steve Remy / Monster Media) #3


(Blake Sims) #4

I’m on a Kickr, and just did my first ride tonight. Your experience (above) describes my thoughts exactly, but only for the virtual riders. When I got around a real rider, I thought it was a bit easier to draft. Love the idea of the graphic representation of the draft – something more than the 5, 4, 3 meter countdown…