Avatar doesnt start ;/

(R eine_Lindqvist (SZ/KCK)) #1

Today when I started riding my avatar only jumped up on the bike but didnt move.This morning I updated my profile with weight and length etc. Oterwise, same computer, same equipment.


(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #2

Sounds like you weren’t paired properly.

(R eine_Lindqvist (SZ/KCK)) #3

Paired nicely and watt numbers showed up as normal but no speed

(R eine_Lindqvist (SZ/KCK)) #4

Even tried to re-pair but no change

(Eric Min) #5

Are you still having issues?

(R eine_Lindqvist (SZ/KCK)) #6

Hi Eric!

I reinstalled Zwift and now fine again. Thanx!