Auto-sync to

(Verde Espada) #1

To resume the request which had a lot of upvotes on the old support platform.

It would be very nice to have the hability to automaticaly sync our Zwift activities to instead of having to upload them manually or use Strava combined with Tapiriik.

Update : the old thread has been archived, that’s why the knew one.

According to Zone Five Software (SportTracks editor), they can’t do anything on their side if Zwift doesn’t give them necessary things.

(Tomas Kriz) #2

I hope Zwift will finally incorporate this feature as lot of athletes use SportTracks. With so many paying customers they are negligent to the community to spend one day implementing this feature… don’t get the attitude.

(Gerrie Delport) #3

I think this question should be asked to Sporttracks, it look like they don’t even support strava connection.

It look like sporttracks is limiting what can connect and it may be that they dont have a open API.

Don’t get me wrong I am a long supporter of Sporttracks I still use the desktop version.

(Tomas Kriz) #4

Thanks for the reply, I am not sure but I saw a response from SportTracks that they already approached Zwift and it’s Zwift turn to make this happen. Might be they do not use open API - but I am just guessing.

Regarding Strava I do not mind as they are more similar platforms. I do not record anything with SportTracks so there is nothing to upload there.

(Gerrie Delport) #5

I was referring to transferring from Strava to Sporttracks.

(Verde Espada) #6

I’ve added some links in the first post.

SportTracks already answered regarding this feature. They need something from Zwift. So if Zwift users ask for that, maybe they will…

ST do have an API : and that’s why apps like Tapiriik can sync other services with it.

Regarding Strava, my guess is that ST doesn’t support it natively because well, they are a direct competitor. And it’s the same thing on the Strava side : both services only support “data recording” platforms like Garmin Connect, Polar, Suunto… And no “data analysis” platforms like TrainingPeaks.

(Gerrie Delport) #7

@Verde_Espada: good explanation. lets hope enough people vote for this so Zwift can focus on this and know it will help lots of users.

(Garvel Finklestein) #8

Yes, SportTracks has a data API for the last six years and works perfectly with dozens of partner websites and apps such as Polar, Garmin, Suunto, Apple Watch and more.

Unfortunately, the Strava terms of service severly limit how customers can share the data they own, and it is quite restrictive for post analysis features. There are some apps which ignore these legal details, and perhaps Strava decides to not compel them to desist their activity. :expressionless:

(Malc Fleming) #9

+1 for integration with SportTracks unless I’m missing something from Zwift that lets you review data from your ride. I use iPad version, although web version doesn’t seem much better - only seems to let you see distance, time, elevation and watts. From a platform viewpoint Zwift is a great training aid, but from a review and plan perspective it appears to be nowhere.