Support for

(Eliran Mesika) #1

Would love to see support to sync the workouts with, probably the most user friendly workout tracker and analysis system out there (I don’t work there, just really appreciate the product :slight_smile:

Auto-sync to
(Greg Johnstone) #2

I second this request, please add synch option for SportsTracks. mobi 

(Florian Lentsch) #3

me 2!

(Ralph Brown) #4

I would like to see a synch option for SportTracks too.

(Michael Tate) #5

Me as well

(Matthias Wolf) #6

Hi, I also need the sporttracks sync!! :0)

(Mark Kidd (C)) #7

Also would like…

(Garvel Finklestein) #8

This is becoming a bigger barrier to using Zwift with proper analysis tools and multi-sport coaching platform such as SportTracks, since Trainer Road support SportTracks for a long time… why is this not happening??

(Mike Bayer) #9

Zwift team, it would be great if you could add this sync option!

(Sven Lawrenz) #10

I need it! Please support the sync with

(Phil Brown) #11

I support this idea as well



(Verde Espada) #12


(David Roberts KISS (B)) #13

I too use Sporttracks - its the best detailed workout analysis tool out there.

Zwift team should either implement direct integration to sporttracks or encourage Garmin to push the Zwift workouts out to other partners (inc. SportTracks).

(Nancy Schoeggl) #14

I agree with David!   

(Darren Murphy) #15


(Antonio Navarro) #16

I support this. Other platforms have done it, so it is possible. Besides, Sporttracks is open to work with Zwift or Garmin to make this happen. It is a shame that this has not been solved already.

(Mike Davey) #17


I would also like automatic sync to Sporttracks. Thanks

(Steve Bateman) #18

Another vote for uploading from Zwift direct to SportTracks!

(A K) #19


(Sam Pietrofeso) #20

Very disappointed it is not already there - to integrate these APIs seems like a very easy effort. Please get this on the backlog.