Atom + Wattbike App + Zwift + banging tunes


Im about to buy a Wattbike Atom to use with Zwift and want to get things sorted so I can kick off promptly with minimal hassles.

I would like to use our iPad for Zwift and the Wattbike App running on my phone to keep an eye on my pedal stroke, and all the while have AC/DC blasting out from a Bluetooth speaker which is where I think I may have a problem as Bluetooth only connects to one device at a time

Whats the easiest way to do this please?
In fact is the above even do-able?

The iPad must have priority and can only use Bluetooth so this has to pair with the Atom
My phone will then Bluetooth to the speaker for some heavy metal mayhem.

So how then do I get to keep tabs on the Wattbike App also on my phone?
Is it possible to do this in real time, or will the Atom store all the data and then magically upload it somewhere?

Thanks, surely I can Zwift and also see my pedal dynamics???

You might want to contact Wattbike support and ask them how many Bluetooth connections the Wattbike supports. Better yet, explain to them what you want to do and see what they say.

Maybe try chromecast audio for WiFi connect

Once upon a time we had these strange little shiny circles called “CD’s” and we put them into a “CD Player” and music would magically come out… the good old days were so simple…