AppleTV problems (Turns off during Zwifting)

This might not be a Zwift problem, but just wondering if anybody else is experience something like that?

I have no idea of it does the same in other apps, only use it for Zwift.
No spesial time frame for it either, could be 10-15-30 or 90 minutes in.
Just started last week.

Done all the stuff suggested by google, update, reset…

Not had that issue myselfZ when you say switch off is it just zwift closes or the whole ATV reboots.

Which model do you have?

The ATV switches off. When I get it back on, im off course out of race/groupride. And Zwift says it stopped without saving.

The new 4k model. used for about 10 months, no problem.

No problem here. Same AppleTV 4K over 4yrs now.

Is the AppleTV out in the open where it can breathe vs in a cabinet where it might get hot?

10mo… should be under warranty. Perhaps, take it back and get another one.

Taking it back is probably the best option.

Will continue to troubleshoot over Easter, if no solution is working, it goes back on Tuesday!


No issue with my ATV4k (1st gen). It’s mounted to the back of a TV using a TotalMount.

You mentioned a reset already - complete wipe?

Some troubleshooting I’d suggest: use a known-good brand of HDMI cable like the Zeskit Maya, and not of excessive length. They make 1-foot, 2-foot, 3-foot options and the Maya is fully HDMI compliant. I’ve had issues with other cables and the ATV. (mostly related to HDMI-ARC audio and HDMI-CEC control)

On the HDMI-CEC topic: go into your TV settings and look for anything related to sleep functions, or power-saving. CEC has the ability to shut other devices down. (which is nice when the ATV remote can power up the TV and change volume, annoying when the TV shuts down the ATV thinking it’s inactive) Oh, also check the ATV for sleep modes and disable them.

One more idea: delete every app you can from the ATV and only install Zwift.

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Possibly a cable fault (ATV to TV). If it thinks there’s no TV connected then the ATV will go to sleep.

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Very odd like others have said does it have good ventilation no chance it’s overheating?

Yes, big room and ATV out in the open.

Just thought about it started after I got the “Wahoo kickr direct connect”.

Not that the two things are connected in any way, but I’ll try and go back to the companion app. See if that helps…

Never had the problem with that combination.

I had this issue with the Apple TV 4K a while ago. During Swift, the screen would go blank and the come back on after 20-30 seconds. It usually happened after zwifting for 20 minutes or so. I changed two setting, one on the TV, and one on the Apple TV:

  1. On the TV, set it to “game mode” if you have it. This is a mode that changes the frame frame on the TV to match the game.
  2. On Apple TV, under video settings, change to use dynamic range, and match frame rate.
    My suspicion was that zwift was overheating, and since it only puts out 30 FPS, there is little benefit to outputting 60 FPS or more. Since doing this, I’ve never had any issues. Worth a shot.