Losing Picture During Ride

Hi folks,

I use an Apple TV 4K to ride on Zwift.

During all rides, my TV loses the picture several times, going dark and then flicks back on. The ride is still going when it does. Sometimes the picture completely freezes and after about 10 minutes comes back on. If I switch the telly off (the Apple 4K goes off as well) it comes back on and is unfrozen and the ride is still going.

Wondering if anyone else is having these sort of problems and if so how did you sort it? Was it the telly or was it the Apple 4K?

I’m suspecting the Apple but not absolutely sure.

Try a different HDMI cable for the ATV. And maybe a different HDMI socket on the TV. If it’s not the cable then it’s probably a faulty ATV.

Brilliant I’ll give that a go first. :+1:t2: