Apple TV 4k keeps crashing when using Zwift

I do custom workouts with ERG mode and it keeps crashing, nothing crazy just regular intervals, it didn’t do that before but for a month it keeps happening, I use my apple tv for a lot of things and it works perfectly fine, just with Zwift, I close down all the other apps too when using Zwift but that doesn’t help, factory reset does nothing…

Is your Apple TV 4K tvOS updated to the latest and greatest?
Have you verified that your Zwift app is up to date?

For both of the above, I recommend you manually check to be sure there are no updates. Even if auto-update is on, it is not immediate.

Yes they are both up to date

Maybe it’s a bug w/the custom workouts. Probably best to open a ticket w/Zwift support:

I have had this issue running zwift on my 4K Apple TV as well. I can tell you that it’s happened during a normal preset workout and also during a free ride session. On one ride it took me three separate reboots to finish a half hour zwift session. I considered that it may be overheating, but I have no way to backup that claim… very frustrating. I have given up using my Apple TV for zwift at this point.

Overheating is a good thought. Is the unit inside an entertainment center or out in the open? Is the room cooled? Does the unit get really hot? Have you tried aiming a fan at the unit?

While I haven’t used my Apple TV 4K to Zwift for a few months (lost my man cave :sob:), I had no problems with it for over a year w/near daily use.

After posting, I was inspired to try a ride. The room was a coolish 65 degrees, Apple TV sitting on top of a table (not locked in an entertainment console) “45min rider’s choice” - and it shut off 16minutes in holding a steady state, riding in NY. I rebooted and finished the ride. It wasn’t until afterwards that I considered playing with the video settings on the Apple TV. I did not have it set to “match content”, so I turned that on. I’ll try another ride tomorrow and see if that helps. The experiment continues!

I’m going to find a way to get my Apple TV 4K up and running in my new Zwift spot this week. I fired it up tonight to make sure it was updated and had totally forgotten how it looks on a big screen HDR 4K TV :star_struck: Anyway, once I do that I can test drive workouts and see I’m seeing the same problem that you are.

I can confirm that my Apple TV 4K works fine in all worlds for free rides, workouts, group rides and races. I don’t know what video setting I have it on, but it has never crashed since its purchase in September. If I remember, I’ll check my video setting before my ride tomorrow morning.

I checked my video settings:

I think it’s overheating…