Apple TV 4k keeps crashing when using Zwift

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I do custom workouts with ERG mode and it keeps crashing, nothing crazy just regular intervals, it didn’t do that before but for a month it keeps happening, I use my apple tv for a lot of things and it works perfectly fine, just with Zwift, I close down all the other apps too when using Zwift but that doesn’t help, factory reset does nothing…

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Is your Apple TV 4K tvOS updated to the latest and greatest?
Have you verified that your Zwift app is up to date?

For both of the above, I recommend you manually check to be sure there are no updates. Even if auto-update is on, it is not immediate.

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Yes they are both up to date

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Maybe it’s a bug w/the custom workouts. Probably best to open a ticket w/Zwift support:

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I have had this issue running zwift on my 4K Apple TV as well. I can tell you that it’s happened during a normal preset workout and also during a free ride session. On one ride it took me three separate reboots to finish a half hour zwift session. I considered that it may be overheating, but I have no way to backup that claim… very frustrating. I have given up using my Apple TV for zwift at this point.

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Overheating is a good thought. Is the unit inside an entertainment center or out in the open? Is the room cooled? Does the unit get really hot? Have you tried aiming a fan at the unit?

While I haven’t used my Apple TV 4K to Zwift for a few months (lost my man cave :sob:), I had no problems with it for over a year w/near daily use.

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After posting, I was inspired to try a ride. The room was a coolish 65 degrees, Apple TV sitting on top of a table (not locked in an entertainment console) “45min rider’s choice” - and it shut off 16minutes in holding a steady state, riding in NY. I rebooted and finished the ride. It wasn’t until afterwards that I considered playing with the video settings on the Apple TV. I did not have it set to “match content”, so I turned that on. I’ll try another ride tomorrow and see if that helps. The experiment continues!

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I’m going to find a way to get my Apple TV 4K up and running in my new Zwift spot this week. I fired it up tonight to make sure it was updated and had totally forgotten how it looks on a big screen HDR 4K TV :star_struck: Anyway, once I do that I can test drive workouts and see I’m seeing the same problem that you are.

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I can confirm that my Apple TV 4K works fine in all worlds for free rides, workouts, group rides and races. I don’t know what video setting I have it on, but it has never crashed since its purchase in September. If I remember, I’ll check my video setting before my ride tomorrow morning.

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I checked my video settings:

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I think it’s overheating…