AppleTV Crash

Thanks David! Didn’t know how to do that. I’ve not had a problem since last Wednesday, hoping my good luck continues!

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Same here. After the latest update Zwift crashes (just vanishes) after about 50-60 miles. So frustrating!

This was extremely useful David, thank you!

Same issue here I have had 4 group rides and races We’re Apple TV 4K randomly shut down last one today was about 49 minutes in And it knocks you out of the ride. I am unable to get the mirror option to work so I can’t send the file. Hoping Zwift can fix this soon. The last time was hardwired with no companion app. The other three was using Wi-Fi with the Companion app. The issues just started happening within the last month.

It happens frequently with 3 users including myself.
Suddenly since the update the other day.

It ended today.event is “ASIA 120km”.
two friends have also occurred.

Hi David. I’ve had the same issue, but haven’t yet heard back from the busy Zwift support. Did they solve the problem for you? Any suggestions welcome

Hi, no reply from Zwift yet I’m afraid. Will let you know when I hear from them.

For what it’s worth, it’s happened to me a few times, on two different A4KTVs, on two different trainers with two different signals (ANT+ and BLE). I’ve also experienced several power drops, again on both setups.

I’m IT literate and it’s none of the usual problems; nothing has changed in the setup for years, never had any problems, no problems flagged from telecoms company.

It’s happened since the update, hundreds (if not thousands) have had the same thing happen in the same timeframe, so we know where the problem lies.

One question, though: until this major bug is fixed, does anyone know whether Mac/PC users have the same bug? I’d rather use my old laptop than risk crashing out, unable to late join.

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FWIW, no crashing whatsoever for me on Windows 10 PC, using ANT+, either before the latest update or since, in any world or event type. Can’t actually remember the last time it completely crashed that wasn’t my fault (overclocking…).


Success on Apple TV settings Video and Audio/ Match Content/ selected both Range and Frame Rate turned to On. This appears to fix the Zwift crash issues.

Same issue here… Apple TV was solid before that last 2 updates… last 2 group rides it crashed multiple times during the ride. My second crash was after the 30min mark so i couldn’t rejoin. I deleted the zwift app and reinstalled it. I"ll see if that fixes it tonigh.

Gang - this is a critical bug that we hope to have patched in the next release.


Are there any workarounds (like mentioned above) or rough timeline for next release?

Thanks @shooj !

When will it be fixed?

@shooj Has this been addressed in he latest update? I experienced first issue of this 24/05 and repeat issue 29/05 post update. If not I’ll just use laptop / android until it is :slight_smile: appreciate all the work you guys do

Has anyone had any feedback/fixed on this - no posts since end of May suggests you have fixed? This has only affected me in the last two weeks…driving me potty just as I join a race/losing workout data and seems to take out my internet.
There is nothing wrong with my ISP I am consistently getting a solid 50mbs over wifi elsewhere on fibre/wifi, and have a new hub from the ISP. I don’t particularly want to use my tablet, can I even cast it to the ATV if the app on the ATV is bugged? Never had an issue until now…so completely flummoxed !

I contacted Apple and ended up sending back my Apple TV, so I don’t know if the actually issue was fixed. I received a replacement unit and not had a problem since.

Not sure if it was timing or something else, but mine has been working consistently since updating the frame rate and dynamic range setting (see above). No idea if that had anything to do with it- but it’s been solid for ~50 rides since then. If you haven’t, give it a try and see if it works!