Apple TV crashing

i was at the 30 mile point in my ride today and I was having. Very good workout. I want to the menu screen to pause for a minute to answer a text on my phone. When I came back to the game I was flying along at 880 watts. I started to pedal and it stopped doing it but a few minutes later the Bluetooth crashed and it would not recognize anything connected to it. I quite the game and closed the app. When I restarted it the same thing was happening. It was maddening. After about 10 minutes of trying different things I had to go get my computer end that ride and then do a 10 mile segment to complete my goal of 40 miles.

The Apple TV has big issues. I have to unplug the unit so I can properly pair my devices before every ride. Is anyone else having problems?

I used to have issues with Apple TV, but I read a post recently that had instructions how to “close” Zwift on ATV.  If you just exit out of the app, it doesn’t really close it, and the BT connections stay intact.  I assume you unplug your AT to get around this.  Instead, try closing Zwift on ATV.  Hit the home button twice (it’s the right button in the middle below the touchpad).  Swipe up.   I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks, no more issues with ATV for me.