AppleTV 4K: issue with ERG trainer control when using power from pedals

In ERG mode when I pair my pedals for power through the CABLE bridge and my Kicker as controllable, Zwift loses control of the Kickr during cadence changes. For example if I’m doing an interval set that changes power but holds cadence flat the Kickr responds as expected. If the power change comes with a cadence change the Kickr loses power control for at least 30 seconds before eventually stabilizing, a problem for 1 minute intervals.

I started with Wahoo support and was directed to test the Kickr in ERG via their app with Zwift closed and I confirmed the Kickr responds as expected. In SIM mode, in-game, the Kickr responds as expected. Only when I’m in ERG and use my pedals to report power does the issue exist. When I switch to Kicker for power reporting and Controllable it reacts as expected.

My setup is AppleTV 4K, Kickr 17, Tickr HRM, Assioma Duo powermeter pedals and a NPE Cable bridge. Pedals (reporting power and cadence) and HRM are connected to Zwift via NPE CABLE. Kickr is connected as Controllable.

Is there anything to some suggestions I’ve read when power pedals and trainer must be connected through same protocol? So should I be connecting KICKR and pedals through CABLE?

Zwift Support suggest interference and dropouts but I’m pretty sure I’ve tested an isolated that as a non-issue.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.