Apple Watch App

(Stephan Picker (ZRG)) #1
Nice would be an App for the Apple Watch with the following functions. -Reversing -distance To the finish -Hearthrate ( Possible on the clock Watch OS2 ? ) - elapsed time - Distance traveled - Watt when the Hearthrate from the clock sensor is then transmitted to Strava it would be absolutely perfect .

(Brian Gorby) #2

Hi Stephan,

Thanks for the feedback. We’ve been playing around with the Apple Watch internally on and off for a bit.

Would you mind answering a couple questions?

  • Do you regularly wear your Apple Watch while Zwifting (or riding outside)?

  • Which third party Apple Watch apps do you use regularly?




(Stephan Picker (ZRG)) #3
Hi Brian ,   
I like to answer you your questions. I use my Apple Watch during Zwift. I use the Activity app to document my calorie consumption or hearthrate app to monitor my heart rate. When I go outside, I use still the Strava app. I would definitely be happy if you were to offer an app for the clock.

(Justin Lash) #4

I don’t know if an app for the apple watch is necessary. You can’t do what the phone app would do, would be very difficult while working out trying to mess with the watch. I wear my apple watch while i work out. However, i know that strava syncs to the apple health app. but i turn on the apple fitness portion to track my heart rate as well as track workout time with workout app to fill the apple rings. I think time can be spent elsewhere with programming, just my opinion at the current moment in time. Keep up the great work, Zwift is changing my life.  

(Werner Jakobsmeier) #5

Apple watch wearer here: Always wear the watch and also use apple fitness to track my heart rate. I believe with OS 2 Strava will be able to access HR. Would be nice if Zwift could maybe just grab HR. I dont want to buy another ANT device just to measure my HR, I already have the watch. That would be perfect.

(Johny Moor) #6

Another Apple Watch wearer here. I currently use my Apple watch to monitor HR during Zwift sessions. The new WatchKit (OS 2) will let you access the hardware sensors. A perfect integration opportunity! 

I’ve been holding off purchasing a compatible HR sensor. Please add this to your product roadmap :slight_smile: !

Best, John

(Joost de Vries) #7

Hi Guys,

I also wear a apple watch. I bought it because I wanted to keep track of my hearthrate during cycling. I didn’t want to buy an Bluetooth chest strap because the only thing that does is measuring your hearthrate, where the apple watch can do so much more.

I wear my apple watch during each Zwift session or during cycling outside. I really would like to connect my apple watch to Zwift so I can see my heartrate on the screen in Zwift. The other advantage would be that the hearthrate can be send via Zwift to Strava.

Other third party apps I use on the apple watch are (only the most important are listed below):

-Google Maps

Really hope you can connect my apple watch to Zwift, maybe through the iphone as a hub. If you want someone to experiment a beta with or help you to think of an solution I’m willing to help!

(Jeremy Marquez) #8

Would, also, love to see Zwift access the Apple Watch heart rate sensor. As Watch os2 allows 3rd party apps to access the heart rate monitor, this seems like a perfect integration.

(Michael Foley) #9

I agree with others that pulling heart rate from the Apple watch would be a big plus and I’m also willing to test. 

(michael wong) #10

Sign me up for apple watch HRM -> zwift


(Richard Giles) #11

+1 on this.

  • Do you regularly wear your Apple Watch while Zwifting (or riding outside)?

Yes, I wear it all the time. At the moment I only ride when I Zwift, and I use the Workout app while doing so. I use it to check my HR because my ANT+ heart rate monitor wasn’t showing the correct reading all the time.

  • Which third party Apple Watch apps do you use regularly?

Workout for exercise.Weather, Messages, Calendar, a variety of alerts like news, Twitter, at other times.

More than happy to test! :slight_smile:

(Jay Rankin) #12

+1 apple Watch

Use the Strava app on the watch also. I use the watch for all sport activities;

Skiing, MTB, Road, running, Cyclocross…Would be great to have the iphone app updated for apple watch functions. heartrate definitely and the normal, distance/speed/cadence etc.

With the new apple TV building an apple TV app to have zwift run on the TV and the watch/phone have the sensor would be awesome.

setup would look something like this:

Apple TV or iPad - run Zwift game/web

Iphone - runs app for sensors - bluetooth/Ant

iwatch - heartrate, start/stop Zwift, distance/speed/cadence screens 


(Ross Williams) #13

I use my apple watch every time I ride with zwift. It is very frustrating to not have my heart rate data saved along with my zwift data. Having heart rate data uploaded to strava alone would be a reason for me to use zwift on the apple watch.

(Paul Naddaff) #14

+1 Apple Watch user, for HR data during every Zwift ride.

Other Watch apps: workout (apple), Strava, messages/notifications

(DJ Dokman (rotterdam NL)) #15

HR Apple watch integration would be the reason to go for paid version after my 2 months strava premium bonus.

other sports apps on phone: runkeeper and strava

(Court Simas) #16

+1 for HR monitor on apple watch. I use the BLE beta and absolutely love using zwift now… but when i upload to strava afterward with no heart rate… it’s disappointing. Would be nice. 

(michael wong) #17

Hey Zwift – any update on this?  Shouldn’t be hard to data source the heart rate from the watch…or am I wrong?

(Christopher Langlois) #18

+1 for HR monitor from Apple Watch, I absolutely hate chest band monitors

(Travis Feuerbacher) #19

Big +1 for this.  Since I track all my other exercise (including heart rate) with the Apple Watch, it only makes sense to use it with Zwift, eliminating the need to purchase another heart rate monitor.  When I ride outside, the Strava App on the watch monitors my heart rate and records it along with the rest of the information for my ride.  Even if we can’t see our heart rate on the Zwift screen while we ride, it would at least be nice to capture the data and store it when we save the ride.  I personally don’t mind looking at my wrist periodically to check my rate while I’m in a workout.

(Robert Harris) #20

Another +1. Mostly for heart rate tracking, but it would be nice to be able to do course direction changes by flicking the watch one way or another.