Apple TV / Zwift One Hub/ Ultra Apple Watch not working?


Having a mare, set up Apple TV 4K, Hub One and Apple Watch.

Issue is, can’t get the companion app and Apple Watch to connect to heart rate monitor of the watch.

Says pairing and sometimes in game but yet the app on the Apple TV doesn’t work.

It’s very annoying, first few rides it worked ok. These lasts two weeks no matter what I do, the connection doesn’t happen. I try and reset companion app and watch numerous times but no luck.

Any ideas?


the 1.59 update messed up Apple watch pairing… update 1.60 restored it, have you checked for the new update?

Assuming you’re on 1.60, your expected experience with Apple Watch as HRM is that it’s not totally broken but pairing will be unreliable unless you install a HR broadcast app like Echo or Heartcast. I’ve used Heartcast with an Apple Watch and it was OK. Currently the best way to have a reliable and frustration-free experience is to get a heart rate monitor. A $40 Coospo HRM will work much better with Zwift than an $800 Apple Watch Ultra 2.


Thanks appreciate the replies.

Yes a cheap chest strap is the way to go. But just annoying when u have a watch that will do the job……