Apple Watch Ultra

I’m using Zwift on Apple TV and have recently got an Apple Watch Ultra. Tried all the steps, it seems to pair via the companion app, but never shows a heart rate, then disconnects. Frustration levels are through the roof!

Apple Watch isn’t supported in Zwift, I’m afraid. There were long-standing bugs with the support and in the end Zwift decided to drop it rather than fix it.

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Appreciate the reply. How ridiculous though!

It works for me, but I have to reopen the Zwift app on Apple Watch before it picks up heart rate. Sometimes only pushing the crown works. Other times I have to reopen the app and it kicks in…

I’m connecting to Zwift on my phone directly. Don’t know how it is with companion app

Who? - Zwift or Apple. Apple are notorious for always implementing their own version of standards. Just look at the number of AppleTV issues on Zwift caused by Apple deliberately limiting the number of active Bluetooth connections to 3. And everyone else who wants to support Apple devices then has to work around Apple if they can.

My Apple Watch Ultra have the Same Problems