Apple TV / Zwift app locks up the crank

Years of riding on Zwift have come to a grinding halt. After updating my Kicker, I now find that when I activate Zwift app on Apple TV, the crank tightens to the point that if feels like riding up Radio Tower in the tallest gear. Further, my avatar shows no sign of movement even though the unit is ID’d in the connection process. Here is what I have done to this point:
**Unplugged my Apple TV
**Opened the Wahoo App. Confirmed latest update. Performed Spindown.
**Free and easy spinning at this point.
**Opened Zwift app on Apple TV. This is where the issues described start.
**Deleted Zwift app and reinstalled.
**Tried connecting via companion AND Bluetooth on separate attempts.
The whole system is basically useless now. Any ideas?

Have you updated your Apple TV to the latest Apple TV OS? An update to v14 came out in mid-Sept. and IIRC 14.0.1 arrived around the end of Sept. Go into Setting and double check. Manually update if necessary.

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Thanks for that. Unfortunately, I’m on 14.0.1 already.