Apple TV Ride Calendar different from PC/Mac calendar?

This weekend I was looking to forward to riding next to my girlfriend in our side-by-side ride studio on the Central Park routes. But I’m on Apple TV4K and she’s on a PC. Much to my surprise the only rides available on Apple TV were London routes. Is this typical, or will the ride calendars for all platforms be matched generally? There’s no “workaround” for changing ride environment for ATV, so I was disappointed. Photo attached showing the setup

P.s. As an aside, I’ve found less signal interference with a 2-Wahoo SNAP Zwift setup with one broadcasting ANT+ (PC) and the other BLE (via ANT+ through NPE Cable)

Are the clocks on both the Apple TV and PC set correctly?

No idea what timezone you are in, but did one of you start riding right before a world switch and the other afterwards? That is, person on left started in NYC and few minutes later the world switched to London. Then, the person on the right logged into the new world (i.e., London)

Saturday and Sunday were London days so could it be that you have world hacked to New York on the PC or signed in on the PC before the calendar switch from NYC to London?

I logged onto both setups, so I don;t think I had signed on with the PC a day early. But is this a potential work around for Apple TV (for at least one day calendar shift). If I log on to Zwift with Apple TV the day before leaving New York, will I have those rides available the next day? I assume once I end a ride I’m back to the normal calendar choices.


good point…i’ll check the date/time. If I enter a bogus date does that work? or, just a slight shift for one day at most?