Apple tv manual turn


Simple question hopefully…

Ive just got apple tv after using android for zwift for many years.

On ATV I cant figure out how to make a manual turn at a junction. On android when the junction icon appears i flick up on the screen which then shows the other road options for me to select.


Companion App is practically a necessity with AppleTV. Tonnes of options for holding the phone shown in the Pain Cave thread: Forum sub-section request: pain-cave photos/equipment ideas - #22 by Otto_Destruct


Agreed companion app is infinitely easier.

If using the Apple Remote when the turn appears on screen press the trackpad and you can then scroll left/right and choose the option you’d like. It can be frustrating though, so often I instinctively swiped up first which brings up the main option menu.

Thanks. I’ll try that.

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Hi. Tapping the track pad (as above) works during free ride. But doesn’t work if I’m doing a workout. Which is odd.