Turn at intersections with apple remote

Hi, I recently picked up an apple TV 4K 2nd gen (2021), with 2nd gen siri remote and noticed that when I come to an intersection I can click to view the the options, but it’s not possible to make a selection. I would love to see additional capability added to the apple TV remote (left and right arrow keys perhaps) so that I can use it to turn left or right at intersections.

(I know I could use the companion app, but it’d be great to see this feature added in the future)

I believe that, even with the new remote, you can still ‘turn’ at the intersections by ‘swiping’ across the ‘trackpad’ in the center of the arrows:


This works, thanks for the tip! There doesn’t seem to be a good how to for this remote, kind of just trial and error, zwift support actually didn’t know and suggested I post here

Yes, it’s all a bit of a mess. Hopefully a new UI will be introduced soon and make things a bit easier. I only recently learned that the swipe across the trackpad would select the turn options, and even more recently that pressing the ‘play’ button would activate a power up. The Forum can truly be a wealth of knowledge, but it’s sad it has to be that way.