Apple TV - Changing Profiles

I’m interested in Apple TV for running Zwift (currently use iPhone), but since I’m not the only Zwift rider in the house, I was wondering how easy/difficult it is to switch between profiles/riders?

When I had to share my phone, I generally had to restart the app (the switch riders option never worked/remembered the previous rider). Thanks for your help!


It works well for us using 2 separate Kickr trainers. But I had some problems today when I tried to use my new Wahoo ticker heart rate monitor and it weirded out. Apple TV only allows 2 Bluetooth connections. I still haven’t figured out the work around.

In terms of the Bluetooth connection, there’s a way (Zwift Companion app or another app) to sort of bundle your devices together to transmit to Apple TV as one connection. It’s late or I’d google it now, but the solution is out there.