Apple Health Kit Compatibility

I recently purchased a Wahoo KICKR Snap and started a free trial with Zwift. Trying to decide if I should stick with Zwift when the trial is over. Wondering if the Zwift Mobile App will eventually be able to report my ride stats to Apple Health Kit. For many of us, this is how we track our fitness progress. The Wahoo Fitness mobile app can do this. In fact on my first trial ride on Zwift, I used my MacBook with Zwift running and the Wahoo Fitness app on my phone since I couldn’t find a way for Zwift Mobile to report to Apple Health Kit. Sure would like to use Zwift Mobile when riding since it will link to my MacBook and I could use the interactive features. BUt at this point, I would rather have the Wahoo app open to report my fitness data to Apple Health Kit.

I agree this should be done.  The Zwift app should send excercise metrics to Health Kit, and should pull weight from Health Kit.  Perhaps with a *verified or similar notation for riders who have their weight pulled via other means than manual entry on the web profile.

A follow up on my original post.  I did subscribe to Zwift.  Love it BTW.  I did find through trial and error, that I can’t have the Wahoo Fitness app open and tracking my Zwift workout, because it takes over control of the KICKR.  I was trying to keep Wahoo open because it does report the workout to Apple Health Kit.  Now that I know I can’t keep Wahoo open, I have been using the Zwift Mobile Link.  Fun to use since you can send encourgement and messages to other riders and use power ups.  Just wish it would report the results of the workout to Apple Health Kit, especially since I have a heart rate monitor as well.  It could report some good data to Health Kit.

Refreshing thread… I just bought a Wahoo Kickr Snap and want to do the same thing. I sync outdoor rides via my Garmin Edge with Apple health and Strava and want to do the same thing with my indoor training rides. Since Strava info is shared with Wahoo, I thought that would work but no luck.  

More and more users are going to want Apple Health integration.  @GoZwift any plans for this? 

OK, I got it to work.  I uploaded the .fit file to Strava and since Strava is connected to Apple Health, Strava did the sync.  Would be nice if Zwift had a direct integration with Apple Health Kit.   

I agree. I can see Zwift and Zwift Mobile Link in the available apps for Apple Health, and I turned them both on, but no data is passing through. Is anyone having this problem now in 2018? I think Zwift made a change to allow the data sync with Apple Health, but mine isn’t working. I have completed two rides since turning on the sync, but no data is showing up.

I’m surprised that this thread was started in 2016 and the capability hasn’t changed.

I’m new to Zwift and after working out the foibles of Wahoo app vs Zwift as Jeff did I really thought ZML would send stats to Apple Health.

Any chance we can see this in the near future? 

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