Wahoo Fitness App and Zwift

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New Zwifter here, I recently purchased the Wahoo Kickr Snap to use with Zwift. I was wondering if it was possible for Zwift to send the ride data to the Wahoo Fitness app as well as Strava? Or can I run Zwift and Wahoo Fitness at the same time using bluetooth? I cant seem to connect to Wahoo if I am connected to Zwift and vice versa. I’m guessing because bluetooth cant be connected two places at once. I was just wanting to have my Zwift rides show up in the Wahoo app as well. Thanks everyone! 



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Same question here. The array of apps that are tracking workouts is awesome! If workouts can be connected it would be a wonderful thing! I have just purchased a CycleOps Magnus and a Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Bundle. Is there a way to feed, or export, data from Zwift rides to the Wahoo Fitness app?

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