App not connecting then crashed mid-ride

Another mini-update and this time running worked perfectly. Then today tried to log on and app wouldn’t connect to Bluetooth devices; I had to log out 3 times and finally after 25 mins managed to log on and joing the SAS 50k ride.
39km in the app crashed and shut down so ride wasn’t saved.
Tried to log back on and again BT wasn’t connecting.
Please get this fixed ASAP, I use Zwift for time efficient training and it’s not working out that way at the moment. I’ve been on Zwift for about 3 years and it never seems to get more reliable.

We’d like to help look into the issue for you. Please submit a support ticket to us and we’ll be glad to help!

Thank you,

Crashed again mid way through a workout today, I’ve submitted a ticket and the corrupt files