Anyone using the Galaxy Tab A8 only for the Companion App?

Is anyone else still having problems with the Zwift Companion app freezing up and there is no fix but to restart your device ?

Running a Lenovo TB-7306F with 2Gb of RAM and Android 11 (Go Edition) which should meet the minimum spec but maybe not.

Just realised I have been running the last version of the companion App as the tab doesn’t seem to update the Apps automatically like my Samsung S20FE 5G. Will try 3.47.0 (1570) on the Lenovo.

No issues on my high end phone, probably insufficient hardware grunt on the Lenovo.

Would seem crazy that I need something like a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 just to run this correctly.

It should run without issue. I’m not sure the companion app is that hard on resources. It meets the minimum spec.

Possibly some gremlin somewhere. Occasionally mine will drop out of the activity and i have to restart it but that’s on a Galaxy S10 so not hardware related.

Hi thanks for the reply.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is about 80% as fast as my S20 so I would not expect any problems with it at all. My S20 has never frozen.

The Lenovo is way down on spec and speed, its a $140 device not a near $1000 S20.

If anyone is using a Galaxy Tab A8 with the companion app and its working perfectly and has never frozen, please let me know. I will consider buying one of these for the bigger screen and will just leave it in the tablet holder on the bike.

Just made this a separate topic to catch peoples attention.

I want a tablet that doesn’t freeze while using the companion app.

If you are using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 or something very similar and it is faultless running the companion app, please let me know.

I will buy one if its perfect as its only job will be to run the App and it will live on the WattBike.

The App looks simple enough, however I suspect it needs quite a bit of grunt for it to run perfectly 100% of the time.

Companion app needs very little grunt, I just run it on a phone (an old LG V50)

I’ve got the A7 and that runs perfectly fine so the A8 should also be fine.

Replied in your other thread

Companion isn’t very demanding. Consider doing a factory reset of the A8 if that’s not too much trouble.

Not currently running it on an A8, I want to know if it runs perfectly on an A8 so I can buy one.

It does take some grunt because a Lenovo M7 3rd Gen TB-7306F is useless even after a factory default reset.

Its very easy to underestimate what’s really required to run some things properly,
I have been caught out in the past running what looks like “not” a graphics intense bit of software and ended up with very poor frame rates.

Got it. The Companion app is run by many people on very old hardware. Even an iPhone 7 or iPad Air 2 is fine and those are almost 10 years old and extremely slow by modern standards. I wonder if the Android app is more demanding but I don’t know about that.

As I said in my previous post I run it on LG V50 Which is several years old and only on Android 12 & Have no problems

That’s not old mate, it was released in 2019 on April 19th and it has a Snapdragon chipset and its good for Android 11. If its running Android 12 then its not old.

It’s only in recent times that Zwift started deprecating older operating systems.

Prior to this people were running Zwift on pretty old hardware.
It was only the fact that software limitations meant these devices became redundant. They all were from a hardware perspective capable of running Zwift.

For example prior to this i ran ZCA on a Samsung Galaxy S5 & then an S7.

It will run without issue on the A8 and you’ll get a good few years out of it before it gets deprecated.

As I’ve said my A7 performs very well.