Samsung or Lenovo?

hy guys,

I need a new tablet because my old one is no longer supported (can’t find it in playstore). Have now found these two devices

  • SAMSUNG TAB A8 210$

  • Lenovo Tab M10 Plus 170$

both with 4GB RAM.

What would you recommend?

I’ve got an a8 to run the companion app (and with some lab settings, have it running in a landscape mode, split screen with Spotify).

It’s fine, can’t recommend it for running the main app though (physical 3.5mm headphone jack is welcome, as I’m yet to get on board the wireless bud train) the main app will run, but I’ve had a few connectivity issues with it (sensors dropping, or just not connecting), and I’ve other working methods of running the game, so never bothered getting to the bottom of the problems. To be honest, performance of the tablet in general feels worse than my 10 year old Hudl2 I was using before old Android versions were culled.


I have had a Lenovo M10 plus for a year or so and it runs the game absolutely fine. My partner has a Samsung Galaxy S8 Tab which has better graphics, but is considerably more expensive.