Anyone else annoyed by brightness of blue box on screen showing metrics

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Hi- I’m loving ZWIFT, one suggestion or constructive criticism however. The graphics, scenery, and colors are great, but after staring at the screen for a while the blue box at upper left hand corner which displays power or other metrics is so bright that I start seeing a blue spot in my vision no matter where I look, or even when looking away from the screen. I guess I could try to dim my TV or desktop screen, but that would detract from the zwift visual experience during the ride. How about an option to dim the brightness of the blue background (or change it to a gray tone, on which the black numbers of power or other metric would be visible) to avoid this issue? Thanks, Mike Loberg

I wouldn’t say I’m annoyed by it, but I definitely prefer the more “mature” UI that’s being used in Zwift race coverage these days.


(Screenshot from

Word on the street is there’s a large UI overhaul in the pipeline, so we might find some of these broadcast improvements making their way into the core game.

Screenshot King at it again…!

Yes, the UI looks like it may well be on the way looking at the Pro/Am stuff.