Small change for colour blindness

As an Apple TV user I really like the new UI system but one thing that I would like changed… as someone who is horrifically colour blind, it is impossible to determine which ride/pace partner/world/course I have selected as the change in colour is not distinguishable to me. Any chance of highlighting it a bit either by shading it or making bright yellow?

I’m sure 99% of people will not need this and it’s not something many would ask for, but it would make a big difference to me :smile:

I am not colour blind but I did upvote this suggestion. Accessibility considerations should be part of UI design.

This is one more “barrier to entry” that Zwift can knock down which seems to me aligns with their company philosophy of making fitness fun and accessible.


On Windows, the selected RP box pops to a slightly larger size. Is this not the case on the ATV and should it be?

Out of interest which colour deficiency are you?

Don’t like to use the term colour blind as it’s not actually true.

Also voted for this one, although it doesn’t affect me.

Accessibility is very important.

The UX team at Zwift should have caught this before it got built.

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