90 day PRs lack contrast


While I can understand the thinking behind dimming older PRs, I would prefer they all remain white.

The older ones, especially 3 months, lack contrast and are unreadable in some contexts.

You could provide a configuration option to enable a non-dimming version, but even with that I’d encourage improving the contrast for the dimmed versions.

In terms of accessibility, this is really really bad. Lowering contrast contrast of the older entries adds no value because the WHEN column exists.


Very much so. Zwift aren’t big on the accessibility of the game.

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They sure arent, see yellow pace partner banners with white text (when you are in front of them and their name is at the bottom of the screen with distance behind you, almost unreadable).


I mentioned this in a recent ride that James Bailey was on. He acknowledged the issue, asking whether black on yellow would be better so it’s definitely something Zwift are aware of.


I can’t read it this sitting at my Retina display MacBook, let alone on a TV when I’m Zwifting.
Whoever thought this is a good idea needs to be lent my midde-aged eyes for a few days.

Seriously though, Zwift does a pretty bad job at accessibility generally. Pretty much zero configurability to help those of us with less than average vision; and I can’t begin to imagine how you’d navigate the old or new UI with less than perfect motor skills.


They’re trolling us.


Add to the the gradient graph in neokyo is pretty much the exact colour of the map behind it.

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