Any official response to need for IOS accessibility improvements for blind users?

Hi Zwifters,
Great to be included with a login/account in this forum/community, but as the YouTube video shows, as a blind keen cyclist, the complete lack of VoiceOver IOS compatibility prevents me even signing in to the app.
I’d absolutely love to join in with a community virtual ride, pedal a Zwiftopia route, any route, and have some access, but being blind, the Zwift app developors have made no allowance to make the app accessible.
There is a whole pool of tandem blind cyclists out there, or just blind cyclists that safely exercise on static trainers, so it’d be wonderful to participate in this Zwift world too!

Ok, couldn’t post a YouTube link here, but if you search for the following on YouTube it will come up.

Trainer Road - the only true Smart cycling option for Blind cyclists

The objective video shows my experience with Zwift, RGT, WattBikeHub and Trainer Road …
Quite shocking difference between TR and the rest.


Linking to the video…

References to previous forum topics on this subject. The first one is from Zwift staff.


Thanks Paul!!