Zwift Visually Impaired Athlete Survey [October 2022]

Zwift is conducting a research study with athletes who have varying degrees of visual impairment. An email will be sent to a small group of Zwift members and non-members October 24/25, depending on which time zone you’re in.

This email is legitimate, and we invite those who receive an email to participate.

If you identify as a visually-impaired Zwifter and would like to join the project, please email and let the Research Team at Zwift know.


Hey folks … I’ve seen a few posts in the past week or where people have mentioned “my eyesight is not so good these days …” and also with the backdrop of the recent Fonts thread, thought it best to bump this post for people that didn’t see it/get the email so people can participate in Zwift’s survey.

The survey is quick and looks to have a follow-up discussion with the Zwift team.

Just for clarification from the Research team - this round of surveys is intended for folks who identify as visually-impaired and are closer to the “legally blind” end of the spectrum.

Those of us who hit 50 and discovered we need reading glasses overnight - we (I include myself in that group) are not the intended audience for this round of surveys.

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What about those of us with macular degeneration? I’m visually impaired but not legally blind. It would be great if there were settings in the game that would increase contrast so that the info is legible.


Hi @Ilene_Carpenter2366 welcome to Zwift forums.

The Research Team at Zwift would like to hear your feedback! Please drop them a note at and mention that you saw this forum discussion.