Colourblind - Colorblind options

Still no idea why no options exist in game for colourblind people

At the moment any time I join a group ride that is set to D grade it is a massive struggle to see where the Ride Leader is on the minimap because the colours blur into each other.

When doing a handicap its also hard to see the difference between A and B grade colours

Please implement colourblind options to change the colours. You would find it extremely rare for any game that comes out now to be missing these options

Its the same issue for the bikes that can change colour it is very difficult to know what colour you are selecting from the scroll bar

Thank you @Matthew_H for posting and highlighting this problem as its easy for others , including zwift HQ ,to not fully realise the effect of not implementing change requests all users are asking for across the board for some basic standard features to be implemented. The ability to customise visuals are not only some unimportant requests by demanding users , the lack of these features has real world impact as highlighted .

Zwift just dont take this seriously they only care about marketing a dream we all see rolled out constantly rather than making it a reality.

Dont worry too much though about thinking you are missing out on Bike colors , even if you do not experience colour visual challenges Zwift makes sure they equalise this by not showing the color selected on the bikes anyway in many cases .

well said too @_Erlkonig Even the main product gamification is not implemented well . e,g The situation with Drop handling ( for most zwifters who have been around for more than a few months its just a counter for how much riding you are doing as there is for sure nothing much you can do with this . Leveling has no roadmap or strategy being worked on as far as I can see its a throwaway idea poorly implemented also . Fun isnt just Fast , there is more to it than that …

+1 for this. One key issue I find is the progress bar for pace partners. It’s extremely hard to pick this out with the current colour scheme