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I am running Zwift (v94-1.0.44414) on a Samsung Galaxy A40 (edit: Android 9) smartphone using SmartView to project on my Samsung TV. Up to the last update I could connect my TurboMuin Misuro Sensor, Sigma R1 Duo HR belt and a Bryton cadence sensor via BT and everything was working just fine. Now the phone does not detect any BT devices within Zwift anymore. I have to connect via Ant+, which was okisch but did not pick up the Bryton cadence. Using the same Zwift version on my Huawei m5 lite still detects devices via BT. Any ideas on what’s wrong on the Samsung?

did another test today (same set up as above) but tried a event / group workout. Had some issues with the speed going all over the place. Was fine when I was just running along (and increased and decreased the pace). But when I flipped over to the workout the speed was all over the place…started out of the blocks at 30kph when everyone else was going @ 6 :slight_smile:

Hi all

I’m using Samsung S10 with Garmin speed and cadence sensors on a Cyclops Mag trainer.
All is good with connecting to the sensors but on rides my avatar doesn’t move.
It says that I have 25km left of free riding.
Am I doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance


I tired this out again and it seems to work fine as long as it doesn’t find a bluetooth controllable trainer (even if it is not paired).

my ant+ sensors (power meter cadence and heart rate) are all found but once the controllable trainer is found they all disappear.

today i paired my trainer to a different device/app. then loaded zwift and was able to connect to an ant+ power meter, cadence sensor and hear rate monitor and it all worked fine.

Thank you so much for the feedback.
Could you please email with your details?
We really want to track this down.
Thanks again for the post.

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Hi. I recently updated my Android beta on samsung s9 on Android 9. It will pick up my garmin ant+ hrm and garmin ant+ cadence sensor no probs but wont detect my garmin ant+ speed sensor. It’s the version 1 sensor. I am guessing this is on the unsupported list at the moment but I dont have any bluetooth sensors on my training bike so the app is useless without speed at the moment. Can it be added soon??


Thank you for supporting ANT + , here is my first experience:


Life Fitness IC 7 Spinning Bike with watt measurement and ANT+ transmission

Samsung Galaxy S10e with integrated ANT+


IC 7 Wattrate TFT computer to Zwift Android App

In the beginning everything went wonderfully. I’ve tried it a few times before, but the Zwift app/ANT+ Device of the phone seems to get confused with the large number of available ANT+ devices. If you are one of the first to activate a spinning bike and the number of ANT devices is correspondingly low, it seems to work best. After 40 minutes the connection broke down. My avatar stopped and in the pairing menu there were again too many devices, my spinning bike was also listed, but it didn’t show any data, Android gave an error message…timed out…it was possible to pair the Zwift app with the bike of my right fellow, so he finished the hour for me (with a bit more power…because i wanted to stay in Zone 1 and 2)

thx, have a good day and nice weekend !

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One more vote for ANT + FEC!


I’ve experienced the exact same issue. I’m also using a Garmin foot pod, paired to Zwift run through ANT+. When I stop running, the cadence indicates zero, but the speed/pace does not and thus the avatar keeps on moving.

I tested this on two devices (Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Nvidia Shield) and the issue exists on both.

Thanks for the ANT+ support on Android. I’ve been waiting a long time for this! Keep up with the good work.

Using a Samsung S8 and garmin speed and garmin cadence sensor. Cadence sensor seems to connect, however the speed sensor does not so still unable to use Zwift.

Is this something that is being looked at, or will I have to invest into Bluetooth sensors?


Still waiting for speed sensor on ANT to make this function for us dumb trainer folks. Would be awfully nice to avoid the need for a table and just attach my phone to my bike. Any timeline? Been about a month since the last addition. Was pretty sad when it detects the speed and then clearly disables all ANT functionality if you pair it.

Doesn’t work with my galaxy s10e. Bluetooth or ant+ with my kinetic r1 trainer. Rouvy works fine though.

Regarding Ant+ with Zwift v1.0. 44414 on my Samsung A50 Android 9:

  • Garmin cadence and
  • Elite Turno (Misuro B+) Power and cadence
    work very unstable. Most times there are No Signal text on devices icon or system like timeout message popups. Devices sometimes are only visible but not usable. Rarery they are randomly usable.
    I found that after connecting trainer to Elite MyEtraining at first, statistically there are more chance to successfull connect to Zwift finally. But not always. There is a lottery.
    But everything is OK with Zwift on PC with Garmin ant+ dongle. As well on Garmin Edge 520 transmission is always good.
    Best regards

After i updated zwift i’m not able to pair any devices anymore on my samsung tab s4. Pairing is still working on my Samsung a40 phone. What happend and how can i fix this issue? Can i go back to a previous zwift version?

Hello Peter,
Welcome to the Android forum. Sorry for the trouble with pairing.
We have noticed sometimes Location and/or Bluetooth get turned off, and that leads to no scan results. You could also try un-installing the app, and re-installing, and make sure you accept the permissions.
If that doesn’t work, could you please email and give them your details?
Game version, OS, etc.
Thank you,

After reinstalling several times, resetting the permissions, trying over and over I finally found out the problem. I couldn’t pair the devices via Bluetooth because the location option on my tablet was turned off. Why on earth should that be activated to pair devices?!?!

I’m glad I found out what the cause was and bike safely again :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips.


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Peter, that’s great to hear. Agreed - it seems silly - but that’s the way BLE on android works.

Even more frustrating, after recent OS (or Samsung OneUI) updates, it appears the location icon is now on page 2 of your settings (by default).

In our upcoming update, we’ve tweaked the messaging to inform users they need to turn both bluetooth and Location on.

Ride On,

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Update: Release 45663 now has ANT+ support for speed/cadence sensors.

[I was unable to edit my initial post at the top, so I’m sharing here]

Let us know how it goes and thanks for all the feedback so far!
Team Zwift

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Hi Zwill,

Great to read ant+ is support now! I’ve been trying to get back on Zwift via my phone (Huawei P20 Lite) or tablet (Lenovo Tab4 10 Plus). Heart rate and cadance works great with ant+dongle but my garmin speed sensor (V1) only gives speeds incremental. (2,4,7,9,11,13, 15 mph etc). Any ideas?

Thanks keep it up!

Hi Sander,
We haven’t heard any reports re: the incremental readings on Garmin speed sensor V1. That does seem odd. You can email our support team at if you want to investigate further, but good to share here in case others are encountering.
Thanks for the detailed post, and for riding Zwift Android!