ANT+ Update

I’m new to Zwift and I was wondering why I can’t connect the ANT+ FE-C in Android… until I found this thread :slight_smile:
Any update on that?


ANT+ FEC is currently not featured in Zwift. You will need to connect via ANT+ Power and cadence to move your avatar. If you do not have the powermeter, then ANT+ Speed and Cadence sensors will suffice.

I know, I connected the smart trainer through Bluetooth.
But my setup would be cleaner if FE-C was supported, that’s why I was asking :wink:

I’m trying to use zwift on my Honor 20, everything seems OK, but I’m unable to connect my garmin speed and cadence sensors using the Ant+ for android. The sensors are working correctly as I’m able to connect them to my Edge 510. Any help would be much appreciated.


OK, ignore my last post… My phone doesn’t have ant+ :joy::joy: anyway, could anyone tell me if I would be able to use a USB port to micro USB apadtor to connected an ant+ dongle to connect my speed/cadence sensor?


It will depend on your phone. I’m doing exactly that with my phone but via USB-C.

The requirement on the phone is to support USB OTG (On The Go) which is true for all the phones I had in the latest times.
As for the adapter, look for one with support for USB OTG as well.

Good luck!

Hi community. I have a Tacx Bushido Wireless T1981 and I tryed to pair with Zwift by ANT+ from my Note 10. I couldn’t find the trainer in the app. Any sugestión for pairing it? Or it is too old trainer ?