Android phone app device pairing


I’ve used Zwift via a pc for ages with no problems.

My pc isn’t working so I’m trying to use the android zwift app. I sign in but am unable to pair anything (HRM, cadence or speed sensor)

My bluetooth is on but it’s stuck on searching…

Can anyone offer any advice please?

Hi @Shaun_Thomas1 welcome to Zwift forums!

Would you detail your setup for us? What’s the Android device you’re using to run the game app? What trainer / cadence / speed / HRM sensors?


Thanks for your reply

I’m using the pocofone f1 device with Garmin HRM, and Garmin speed and cadence sensor.

Thank you

Are you connecting the sensors via Bluetooth, or ANT+?
Is the phone rooted?
Are you running a stock Android build, or a customized ROM?

I’m using Bluetooth, the phone is not rooted and is stock android built.
Thank you

@Shaun_Thomas1 that’s good.

Please check something: for Android apps to access the Bluetooth radio, you must enable permissions for that app to access the Locations folder. Can you go into your Settings and check that the App permissions for Zwift to access Locations & Bluetooth?

With the latest versions of Android it may be two layers deep. See this thread from our Android dev.

Hi had very same issue with my elite zumo.

Please see my thread in bugs section.

Manage to solve it.

In the pairing screen I selected cadence sensor and it found my zumo.
I then picker speed sensor and it found my zumo.

Once I had paired both these sensors it then automatically paired the “controlable” and it’s working fine now.

I’m afraid the location and bluetooth suggestions did not appear to work.

A friend suggested purchasing a USB OTG adapter and putting my ant stick into that. Anyone know if that might work by any chance?