Ant+ support on Sony XZ1 compact experience "No Signal"


My first post here!

Just thought I’d add my experience of android ant+ with the XZ1 compact. See, I’ve been using Zwift on my laptop with an ant+ dongle. Everything works fine. I also use a Quarq dzero with a ‘dumb’ trainer, the elite turbo muin, which also can transmit for estimated power. However, I use the Quarq for power measurements as its accurate, and also receive the bluetooth signal on the Polar Vantage V as I use polar flow for tracking all my workouts.

Anyway, really enjoying zwift, and seeing as Ant+ development is progressing thought I’d give it a spin on the phone. I know this phone isn’t on the list of confirmed supported devices, but its worked with Bluetooth just fine for a long time, forever it seems (even if there seems to be a rare occasion of screen tearing or something stuttering).

So, I added these Ant+ apps:
Ant USB service
Ant+ plugins service
Ant radio service

Also, the phone is running Android 9.0.

When I connect the ant+ dongle, zwift is able to connect to all the devices I want via ant+, the hrm and the quarq for power and cadence. But, it then reports “no signal” and no measurements are displayed.


  1. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Will support for such devices/circumstances even be available in the future?
  3. And is there a way to provide an error report or feedback to help solve these issues?

PS, I’d happily swap round which device connects in theory by bluetooth, ie the quarq to the phone and the trainer to the watch, so the accurate power is going to zwift, the estimated power from the trainer is not too shabby, but it varies quite a lot and has occasional signal dropouts etc. But the watch doesn’t find the power, only the speed/cadence from the trainer :(. As a side note, the watch is great, but really annoying the Polar don’t support ant+!

I know that Ant+ can work on the phone, I used to use the dongle with TR.

Hi Iain,
Thank you for the detailed feedback. We have a new release coming in the next day or two, so I’d encourage you to give that a try and report back. We have made some ANT+ improvements, and also added support for speed/cadence devices.


I have the same phone, but not compact version: Sony Xperia ZX1 with Android 9.

Installed app and services:

  • Rouvy and Zwift (two months ago)
  • ANT+ Radio Service
  • ANT+ USB Service


  • OTG cable
  • ANT+ usb stick
  • Garmin Vector 3 (ANT+ and BLE)
  • Garmin speed sensor v1 (ANT+ only)
  • Garmin cadence sensor v1 (ANT+ only).

Rouvy: all my sensors are recognized. I can select connection ANT+ OR BLE (for Vector 3).
Zwift: worked only with Vector 3 via BLE. ANT+ sensors was not recognized.

Today I reinstalled Zwift, restart phone and still didn’t work. After installing ANT+ Plugins service, ANT+ sensors are recognized in Zwift.

I think, that ANT+ Plugin Service is required for Zwift, but it is not required for Rouvy.