Ant+ signal loss

I have not had a single problem till the 21st of January with my Zwift and Elite Suito trainer. My setup and distance from Ant+ dongle is the same or even closer then a month ago so that can not be the case.

When i was cycling on the 21st of January i had signal losses every few minutes, tried it 2 days later, my signal loss was even worse during a competition. Was in the first group and because no power and cadence i was dropped out of the first group, good result gone.

If i am trying it now it drops every few seconds, they Ant+ signal shows in Zwift that it is receiving, the connecting is made (heart rate, power, cadence and Suito trainer turns blue in Zwift) but my Elite hometrainer Ant+ light keeps blinking, normally it should be on if connecting is made. I read everywhere that the ant meter should be next to the hometrainer, well i tried that and the blinking stays the same, nott the continues burning of the ant+ on my hometrainer.

Any help or ideas?

Hi There,

I had the exact same issue, so maybe worth reading this thread -> ant-dropping-since-last-update-jan-2020/532323

In summary, it appears it my 2.5Ghz WiFi Channel was interfering with Ant+ signal. I updated it to Channel 1 and it’s been stable since.

It also may be worth looking at the other areas I looked at while troubleshooting this issue (detailed in the above thread)

I already found out different things and tried it all, however this not the case with me, but thanks for the idea.

My internet is using 5Ghz, that is a different channel then the Ant+ signal.

Yup, same here, I only use 5Ghs, but changed the channel for the 2.5network. I actually spoke too soon, it’s not fixed my problem.

I’ve followed all the guidance/advise on fixing this and my conclusion is that this is a Zwift issue. The fact I was running this setup without any problems for over 1 year. Issues only started after last update.