I have Mac Air 2020 macOS Monterey 12.0.1. I bought Ugreen Dual USB-C To HDMI+3xUSB 3.0 A+Type C Female Converter to be able to enter Garmin ANT+ USB Stick. This same stick used to work (and still works) on my HP, but when I enter it into Mac, it seems like the stick is not being in.
Tried out restarting with and w/o the stick, all the ports and nothing seems to work. I would love to make it works since I’m using Assioma Duo and BT only detects the powermeter as one-sided.
Any advice?
¨Thank you very much!

Upgrade your duos to the latest firmware. The latest firmware transmits dual sided over Bluetooth. I have a pair of duos and they are fine over Bluetooth.

If you have done that, check one of the settings in the app. I can’t remember what it is exactly but when enabled it transmits single sided power. You’d have to disable it I think.

Hi Jan,

I’m Steven with Zwift support, and your question is an interesting one. Thanks for sharing.

I find it particularly interesting that the Ugreen Dual USB-C To HDMI+3xUSB 3.0 A+Type C Female Converter works fine on your Windows (HP) computer, but isn’t working on the newer Mac Air.

This almost seems to me like some kind of driver compatibility issue with Mac specifically since the converter device works for Zwift in Windows, but not on Mac.

That being the case, you might consider bringing this to the attention of Apple Support and get their take on it. Perhaps they’ll have some solutions/suggestions for you.

In the meantime, Rob’s suggestion seems logical as well, and you can always try BLE pairing in Zwift if ANT+ is not working properly for your Assioma Duo power meter, given your unique circumstances in having to use that converter/adapter device as part of your setup.

Hi Steven,

thank you for the reply. I’ll try the BT option. But the Ugreen DUal is not being used on my HP (not needed, it has USB ports)…but the mac has just 2 USB-C ports, so the reduction is needed. I was talking about the Garmin ANT+ stick that works on HP and not on the Mac.


Have you tried the Apple converter? It’s probably pricer than the other options, but may work better. I use one on a MacBook.

Edit: And and I also have the Garmin ANT+

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Hi Jan @Suusa

Thanks for clarifying that, and I think I understand your issue better now.

Did you notice this this reply from Lebasi?

That seems like a reasonable potential solution. In my experience, Apple devices seem to work best when using the Apple brand adapters and such. It’s something to consider anyhow.