Ant+ issue on new MacBook Air

Hi guys I have recently purchased a new MacBook Air 2020 with M1 chip, however there is no natural USB ports only 2x usb-c which require an additional adaptor to connect any usb or Ant+ devices to the Mac book,

the issue is when using Zwift with my saris H3 which connects via bluetooth my Garmin HR start won’t connect using my existing dongle I have proved the dongle an proved the adaptor on different devices but I can not seem to identify the issue on the Macbook.

any help would be appreciated thank you in advance

What brand adaptor are you using?
I have found that Apple brand adaptors work more consistently with Mac products. See post from another thread below.

Edit: Also What brand ANT+? I have had luck with Garmin.

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First thing to check is if your computer can see the dongle in the first place. Check out About this Mac – System Report – Hardware – USB and see if the dongle is listed there. If not, the issue is probably with the converter, if yes, it’s probably a software problem.

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Hi there I will try this thank u