Ant+ connection problems

(Joe Bachmann \/) #1

i did my first ride yesterday and experienced issues connecting my PM and HRM. They initially connected fine but kept cutting out. The ant+ stick was within 1 foot of the PM and about 3 ft from the HRM. I tried restarting Zwift but this did not help. I also unplugged the ant+ stick and plugged it back in. The ant+ stick I am using is a kinda old (~7 years) Garmin stick but it is usb 2. Would a newer ant+ stick give better connection? Is there anything I can try to solve the issue?

(Allan Watkins) #2

I use a suunto movemini. I don’t know how old it is but I bought it a year ago I think. Maybe your ANT devices need a fresh battery? I’d suggest a usb extension but if it’s that close it shouldn’t be a problem. Try replacing those batteries and see if that helps. Then see if you have interference from other devices before replacing the stick.

(Joe Bachmann \/) #3

Definitely not a battery problem as the battery was replaced about a week ago. Garmin edge was turned off and no other programs were open on the laptop so I don’t think its interference

(Allan Watkins) #4

Your edge won’t be a problem, I keep mine on as a backup in collecting the ANT+ data and that is also what I send my coach because my kickr reads about 5-10 avg watts higher than the Quarq.

Interference would be probably from wireless speakers (a problem I had) / wireless headset / phone too close to the stick / wifi signal may need a channel change / any other wireless devices you could think of that may interfere?

(Kyle Polansky) #5

I use both the old Garmin USB stick (the long one), and the mini Garmin one that only sticks a few mm out of the USB port. I haven’t had problems with either. Try recording using your Edge and see if the Edge drops out, or only your PC. This will let you see if it’s a transmission issues, or an issue on your computer.

(Joel Dudgeon) #6

Try plugging the ANT+ stick into a different USB port if using a laptop. On my Sony VAIO, if I plug the ANT+ stick into the right side USB port, the signal strength to my Kickr is listed as “poor” and will occasionally drop out while riding TrainerRoad. On the other hand if I plug it into one of the left-side ports, the signal strength is “good” or “excellent”. So I suspect some interference from either the Bluetooth or network/wifi card or other device on that side of the laptop. This is with the new Garmin ANT+ stick.

Give it a try.

(Glenn Howard WWR-C) #7

+1 for buying a 6 ft. USB extension(5 bucks at Fry’s).  I was dropping out at least twice a lap before and my ANT+ stick was very close to my speed sensor.  Got the ANT+ away from the computer and other cords at it works perfect 100%.  Do it!  Good luck!