HRM doesn't stay Connected

(Pam Campbell) #1

I have ridden with both a Garmin ANT+ and a CycleOps ANT+ HRM.  Both pair just fine but periodically lose connection during rides.  Both HRMs work just fine with both my old Garmin Forerunner and my new Garmin Edge.  In fact, when I have either of those devices running while riding using Zwift, they continue to show my HRM while Zwift shows my heart rate as 0.  Why does this happen?  Any suggestions for fixing it?

(C hris KISS (C)) #2

Hi Pam,

Most likely solution is that your PC is struggling to pick up the signal due to increased distance to the sensors. Your Garmin Edge is much closer and therefore picks up the signal fine. 

Try getting yourself a USB extension cable to bring the ANT+ dongle closer to your ANT+ devices!



(Ben Adamczyk) #3

I have the same issue with my Wahoo HRM. How close does the dongle have to be? My current setup I can touch my MacBook keyboard while riding.


(H Boychuk - ERTC) #4

I had the same issue tonight, but i used my phone and app as the bluetooth pairing device, the Wahoo SC managed to stay connected, but the HRM disconnected as soon as i started riding. Still in free/ trial mode, not sure i want to spend the $$ if there are these bugs…

(C hris KISS (C)) #5

Hi Ben,

It can often be the case that even if the distance is small, electromagnetic interference (e.g. from fan, laptop, garmin head unit) can ruin the ANT+ signal. Try running a USB extension cord to put the dongle out of the way of electronic devices!

Hi Thomas,

Support for BLE is still in beta and we’re still working through some issues. We have been working with ANT+ since the very beginning and support there is almost complete. With a USB extension cable and a good ANT+ dongle you will experience very few issues.



(H Boychuk - ERTC) #6

Thanks for the prompt response! 

Zwift, consider yourselves redeemed!!